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How do you Aspire to Shape India’s Future

Posted on: January 18, 2009

We are a young nation, with 56% of our population in the age group of less than 30 years. I aspire to build a nation around this might of entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, workers and make them the face of the “Empowered India” in the years to come. This mighty transformation would need an Efficient Education System as its backbone. At present we have an extensive network of educational arrangements across the country. However, a microscopic view of the scenario highlights the loopholes as vivid entities. Post diagnosis, the elucidation of the malady would require concrete steps at all levels of undertakings. This would result in a liability shift to the shoulders of the decision makers.

The process would require a transformation at the primary, secondary and higher levels of education. We will have to redefine “literacy” for the nation beyond “UNESCO Definition” to a practically viable solution for a head-on with the evils of poverty and unemployment. At the same time we would need to break the mirage of being an “English Speaking Population” to a more realistic picture of only hanging from the “h” in the word. Lastly, we need to put across a higher degree of perseverance towards our efforts, lack of which is spreading as a cancerous growth of a dreaded consequence for the nation. To summarize transformation from a “Billion weak to a Billion Strong” is a continuous process of improvement for the billions at one instance.


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